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For most traders what to trade is guesswork, and they lose more and more money as the day progress.

Stay Profitable and make your trading easier to handle with 5-Proven Trading Strategy
a written Trading plan

Learn to Implement The Trading Plan in Next 90 Days with One-On-One Professional Trading Coaching

Get personal guidance every day, and ongoing training and support

Perfected For You Trading Strategy

With Written Trading Plan With specific
time of entry, Makes your trading stress free.

Personal Help When You Need It

You Get Unlimited Access to our support

as and when you need it, On Demand.

Verify Trade Performance

Get an On-Demand Performance Report on the trading strategy you learn even after completing the Course.

Most Traders Don't Have a Plan They Feel Confident in

Most traders struggle to depend on trading income. 


  1. They find it hard to continue trading after a few days without a Trading Plan.

  2. It seems like something starts going wrong as soon as they start trading with real money.

  3. They eventually lost too much money too fast owing to inconsistency and lack of a trading strategy plan, and they lost hope of trading success.


Take the Mystery Out of Becoming a Professional Trader. Implement a Proven Trading Made Simple Plan. You start getting better results from your trading while risking less. The Trading Plan is straightforward; you can start right away.

Lean 5 Trading Strategy in the Next 90 Days with One-On-One Trading Coaching

Your Next 3 Action Steps To Get Better Trading Results


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Understand How it Will Help You with details and clarify your doubts with a discussion session with Your
Guide-Head of Student Success


Get Access of Live One-On-One Class
Learn The Proven Objective Rule-Based Clear Trading Strategy in a One-On-One Format with your Head Trading Coach


Start Your Professional Trading Journey
Your Success Depends on How You Execute The Trading Plan in the Live Market , and You Can Do It With Our Trading Template & Plan

What You'll learn

Get a quick 40 Points in Nifty and Keep Your chance to gain from a large movement open.

The Nifty Future and Option William Fractal Trading Mastery  With TSL & Risk Filter

This you will trade daily, around 10 AM Future or Option

  1. Learn award-winning Williams Fractal trading strategy.

  2. Clear. Time Tested. Consistent.

  3. Trade Nifty Future for Daily with 80% Plus accuracy

  4. Easily Spot Option Strike for Maximum Benefit

  5. The Double Win: The Strategy That turns your average daily win even larger


Available Individually, Your Investment in Learning INR 4,779

Get 60 Points High Probability Trade Opportunity In Bajajfince Every day at 11:15 AM.

The Bajajfinance Box Trading Strategy

This will help you to build an exceptional trading habit while generating income. You will trade daily at 11:15 AM.

  1. Targeting 40-60 Points daily.

  2. Over 67% success rate with long-term history.

  3. Set and Forget trading style.

  4. Trade Takes place at 11:15 AM.

  5. Spot the Trade with a clear trading plan.


Get a Swing Trading Scanning System That Selects 3 Stock to Enter Next Day

The Short-Term Momentum Swing Trading Strategy

You will run a scan on Saturday to plan your trade. You will use it to generate passive wealth.

  1. Setup on Saturday and Enter into the Trade on Monday.

  2. Learn on the Repetitive Price Action Rotation Model.

  3. Trade 5-7 High potential growth stock every week.

  4. Use the Trade Scanner Like A Pro

  5. Start small and build your wealth slowly.


Get 150-200 Points in Banknifty Option with a Clear Plan at 9:30 AM

The Bank Nifty Trading Pro 2.10 Excel Future and Option Trading Strategy

It answers the biggest question, precisely what is the best action to trade banknifty today?

  1. Lifetime Access of Bankniftytradingporo 2.10 Excel.

  2. The Secret - When to hold till 3:15 to Maximize Profit.

  3. Learn the Secrete of SAR.

  4. Find Trade at 9:30 AM

  5. Everything You Need to Trade Bank Nifty Future, Time Tested, Clear, Consistent Trading 


Get 200-300 average Points in Gold Mini by checking the market only once at 11:00 AM

The Gold Mini 3 PM Breakout Strategy

You want to depend entirely on your trading; we recommend you diversify your trading strategy into equity and commodity.

  1. Find the Trade Setup at 1 PM and Enter into the Trade at 3 PM.

  2. Learn Early Breakout Identification Technique.

  3. Completely Set and Forget Trading Strategy.

  4. Replicate the Model into another Commodity.

  5. Learn the Advance Filter Technique to find a high potential trading setup.


The Exact Words of compliment we always get


Brayan Dsouza

    It was excellent learning for me practically implementing the Wheel strategy on my account...thanks. What People pay for is not the volume of information, but how simple it can make it for them...This relates to your teaching methodology


    Tulasi Balkrishna

      It was never my imagination that I will able to trade without the fear and  stress...being panic until I joined your Professional Trader Mastermind


      Colonel Thirupathi

      The Strategy is so trustworthy that once I place SL...I forget about the order

        When You Join One-On-One Professional Trading Coaching, You will get

        1. Instance Access to all the strategy master class recorded video, Excel Software, PDF Documents, and Checklist, E-book.

        2. Access to Live One-on-One  Professional Trading coaching with your Head Trading Coach

        3. Access to Sunday Trading Webinar for one year (Offer is for a Limited Period, Learn additional four trading strategies)

        4. A Proven 5-Strategy Trading Made Simple Plan

        5. Course workbook and assignment & Trading journals

        6. Past and Ongoing Performance Report of the Trading Strategy

        7. Personal Guidance Every day.


        What’s My Investment?

        How much is unclear not practically tested trading method costing you? How many times do you become frustrated losing money trading without a plan? How many monies can you lose over a period of a lifetime of your trading without a plan? A lack of clarity may already be costing you losing money trading a great deal.

        Trading Made Simple Professional Trading Coaching teaches you to trade with a proven written trading plan to make your trading easier to handle. This way, you save your money from losing and stay profitable.

        Free Bonus Access to additional 4 trading Strategy

        Access to Sunday Trading Webinar Where You will Learn

        1. Power Lantern Jackpot Option Trading Strategy.

        2. Banknifty Bouncing from Rope Option Trading Strategy.

        3. Moving Average Shadow-Swing Trading Strategy.

        4. 3- Stock Intraday Trading Strategy

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