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Your Lesson 11

Task: Read the article

Goal: The No. 1 reason you will never be successful in trading. Its called Shiny object syndrome (SOS)

What it is

It is a continual state of distraction brought on by an ongoing belief that there is something new worth pursuing.


What it leads to

It often comes at the expense of what's already planned or underway. As a trader, you move from one strategy to another and can never settle down. This way, you do not focus on perfecting or implementing a trading strategy.


When a trader develops this fatal syndrome

It's rooted in that childhood phenomenon of always wanting a new toy, even if your current toy is just fine.

More on it

Shiny object syndrome is when people focus on an idea that is new and trendy yet drop this as soon as something new takes.


Next, we will discuss the cure for it.

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