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Your Lesson 05

Task: Read The acritical and then Download The "How Much You Can Earn" Excel Workbook (link below)

Goal: To know how much a professional Trader can make a genuine reflection on this key question

How Much Professional Traders Make

The amount of money traders make varies greatly; some lose all of their capital while others use it to generate significant monthly incomes.

Risk control and trading style significantly impact where a trader falls on the earnings scale.

You can learn to pursue Trading successfully after you put a sound trading plan into place, take measures to control your risk, and hone your efforts.

Risk management and strategy significantly impact how much money a professional trader makes.

Compared to losses, a win rate and earnings are typically the cornerstones of a professional trader's approach, and many do not risk more than one percent of their capital.

A reward-to-risk ratio of 1.5 is comparatively cautious and accurate to the stock market's daily opportunities. Making 8 to 15 percent or more every month is feasible, but it's not easy—despite what the stats suggest.

These numbers show what is attainable for stock traders who pursue professional status.

If you use Future and Option in your Trading and take higher leverage, the estimated earning could be much higher.

Want an idea of how much a Trader Can Make? Get this 'How Much You Can Earn-Excel Workbook Download it by clicking here. 

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