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How to be more comfortable when things are most uncomfortable


We've all put in a lot of effort in the past to improve ourselves.

And a considerable road remains to be traveled.

There's still a lot to learn, and we may still have to overcome many setbacks.

Yet, I'll tell you something with your permission: you must be proud of how far you've come.

Often during difficult cycles in life, we believe we have less choice but to do our part; afterward, let destiny take care of the rest.

We think so.

Yet it is not always we can allow destiny to be our only choice.

Today, I'll share the manifesto you need to be more comfortable when things are at their worst.

Stay immensely ambitious

In difficult times staying ambitious and having a fire in your belly will keep you floating.

Yet, you have to be ambitious in a very different way now. Select a very different thing to start becoming ambitious.

Find a brand new purpose.

Become more humble

Be less needy for help from an external source and find a hero within you to support you.

You know this world; most of the others you know you can get help are suffering their challenges.

Should you bother them? Or should you find the support within you?

You can do it by becoming more humble, steadfast, and true to yourself.

Stop outsourcing happiness

Exploring your inner world will provide you with more comfort than exploring your vast outer world.

Outside, you have no control over the people or the circumstances.

If you allow those people and circumstances to make you unhappy and uncomfortable, your comfort will become unstable.

Responding to people and circumstances causes unhappiness with what you have, not what they deserve.

Gift the trust and love to the betrayal.

Your natural gift should be help and generosity by being mistreated by humans.

By being dramatically let down by individuals, you should sincerely try lifting them.

Remember, every mistake deserves love. More enormous the mistake, the more love it deserves.

Stop taking yourself too seriously.

Laugh at the face of your sadness and cry at the face of the slightest ray of hope, often.


This philosophy should be your moral compass to help you navigate towards the lighthouse of success in your trading and every aspect of life.

Take care of adversity and discomfort from the challenging period of your trading career with more humility and generosity.

Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.


All of life's grueling fights are a meticulously planned training camp designed to shape you into a better version of yourself.


Don't expect everything you've put off because you're busy today to happen smoothly and delightfully in the future.

Sickness, pandemics, natural calamities, financial failures, conflicts, and crises occur. Too frequently,

I'm afraid—[It breaks my heart to admit this].

Do you want to put off your most important goals until it's too late?

Now is the time to live. The future is a dream. Is it?

Here is something that can replace 1/5 of your income trading Stocks, a Step-By-Step framework crafted down to simplicity like art, and you are the artist.

So as you don't want to postpone your grandeur and greatest existence...

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