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Without the practical trading skills, Proven strategies, and a Personal Coach with a Plan, trying to become a professional trader will cost you, and You never know when you will become successful...

Learn to Be a professional Trader  Gradually Grow a successful-Six-Figure Trading Income Business

Design, Build and Start Living Your Ideal Professional Trader Life Now,
a One-On-One Trader Mentorship Program To Help You A Master of Clear Trading Strategy and Routine That Works

Dependable Trading

With practically proven way to trade three different instruments

Minimal Screen Time

With Clear Rule with Time Based Trading Routine, You enjoy a stress-free trading experience

Peaceful Life

The Trading Workbook makes becoming disciplined in your trading effortless

Does the attempt to depend on professional trading feels like trial and error?

  • You tried a different strategy that lacks dependability

  • In just a few trades, things go out of your hand dramatically

  • Sometimes you make money, yet it is hard to hold the profit for long

  • The execution of the strategy is hard

  • You are not sure whether you can entirely depend on trading Income

  • You are not sure how you can manage your Trading with your existing engagement

  • How can you be sure that you can quit your current employment and start full-time? This thought prevents you from taking a risk

If your ideas are to learn the necessary skill and gradually build a full-time trading income without compromising the existing engagement, and if it works, you can move to full-time Trading, this course will help.

Your Plan To Becoming a Professional Trader


Call/WhatsApp: 9111414950, Understand How it Will Help You in a Discussion Session With Your Guide-Head of Student Success & Get Access to One-On-One Trading Mentorship Course


Complete a series of short, practical, and fun exercises to help you learn all the Trading Strategies and Skills to design, plan and live your ideal Future Professional Trader life


Stay in touch for all the necessary inspiration, motivation, and support you need for Life Time.

Stop Letting Your Dream of Living Your Ideal Future Professional Trader Life Fall Flat

If you start Trading without a framework and plan that ensures you take the trading decision and know what to do in the market. You will not be confident, You will not make yourself free from stress and anxiety, and your progress doesn't inspire you.

Yet it shouldn't be that way. Learning a Trading Strategy and building all the necessary Skills to depend on Trading isn't rocket science.

You need to learn a Proven Clear Trading Setup, Strategies, and skills.


When you understand this and execute it in your daily Trading, you will become confident, worry-free, and remain motivated and inspired by the changes you see in your daily progress. 

Trading Made Simple University teaches a clear rule-based trading routine that allows you to make trading decisions clearly and know what to do in advance.

This course will give you a step-by-step Guidebook to take those critical trading actions and execute them in daily Trading effortlessly, without analyzing or tracking too many indicators or technical staff that make it hard to perform consistently at a high level.

You'll be ready with a clear plan, then learn to 

  • Take the Entry and Exit from the trade effortlessly

  • Instead of checking your screen often, you know what to do when with precision.  

  • Stay Stress-Free because your Trading income depends on a solid plan, not any one interpretation of the market conditions.

  • Create a Trading Routine that helps you to stay peaceful, allowing a clearly defined what-to-do-when plan

  • Design a trading habit that ensures progress



Clear and Easy to implement the trading plan and framework to execute the trading plan are critical. If you find your thoughts and actions disorganized when you trade in a live market and prevent you from success in living the ideal future trader life you dream of, this course will help.

Take the Mystery Out of Becoming a Professional Trader & Growing a Successful Trading Business

A One-On-One Trader Mentorship Program To Help You A Master of Clear Trading Strategy and Routine That Works

Get practical frameworks you can use to grow the trading business that takes care of a dependable income without much screen time, helping you to enjoy a peaceful life

How will this course help me?
The Power of a blend of three

Learn three different trading styles


You tried a different strategy that lacks dependability. This course will teach three different trading styles that apply to three different markets and three different times. When you operate these three strategies, it will diversify your trading income.


Every trading strategy goes through the temporary drawdown phase. It is why you will learn to trade three different strategies. The diversification effect will bring dependability to your trading income.  

Learn three different strategies


Often In Just a few trades, things go out of your hand dramatically. Most traders make the mistake of opening too many positions at a go.


Timing is the key here because you will trade three different phases of the market, and these three different strategies will ensure your trade spreads over different times and periods of the market. You remain protected from any large adverse movements to ruin everything.

Learn three different and unique application


Sometimes you make money, yet holding the profit for long is hard. Everyone makes random money trading. No matter your trading experience and skill level, you hit some profitable trades from time to time. Yet you can not depend on those infrequent successes until you don't have a stream of a successful trade. This course teaches you three different and unique applications of a well-researched and practically proven way to trade three different instruments.

Practice Discipline Trading Without Effort With access to Trading Workebook

Every trader knows discipline is the key to trading success. The problem is being disciplined is incredibly hard. The access to Trading Workbook makes becoming disciplined in your trading effortless So that you practice Discipline Trading Without Effort


The blend of three (three instruments, three different approaches, and three different time frame) ensure that you always have a stream of successful trade opportunities.

What do I get with the course?

Design, Build and Live Your Dream Professional Trader Life // Personal Development and Personal Transformation

The end goal is that you feel satisfied and fulfilled with your Professional Trader life with dependable trading income and avoid having regrets in the future.

Know More

Indian taxi driver


Being an Auto Driver, I hear about the stock market from many of my clients. Someone recommended Trading Made Simple to learn more about it. I am so happy that I can generate a side Income trading the Reliance Inds. Kiss & Collapse Strategy. I can't be able to believe that I did it.

Indian Couple


After retirement, I joined the course and got the proper guidance to pursue my dream of being a full-time professional trader. All the core three strategies are clearly defined, and I never find any difficulties in trade. Moreover, it allows me minimal screen time, making my life peaceful.

Outdoor Portrait


I lost my mind and money in both tradings by myself and joining online webinars and courses,thanks to my old college friend who recommended me this course. I learn a very different and unique application of one technique to trade three different strategies. Its works perfectly with fantastic consistency. Moreover They pick my phone anytime I have any question.

Your Trading Made Simple University Registration Includes the additional benefits of…

Learn To be
  1. Instance Access to the strategy master class recorded video, Excel Software, PDF Documents, and Checklist.

  2. Access to One-on-One Live Coaching with your Head Trading Coach

  3. Access to Sunday Trading Webinar for one year (Learn additional four trading strategies)

  4. Your Professional trader development plan

  5. Course workbook and assessment

  6. Trading journals select and fill record-keeping workbooks.

  7. The friendly Support Team led by Head Student Success, get a prompt answer to all your question and doubts as and when you want.

Take the Mystery Out of Becoming a Professional Trader & Grow a SUCCESSFUL-SIX-FIGURE Trading Business.


Get practical frameworks you can use to grow the trading business that takes care of a dependable income without much screen time, helping you to enjoy a peaceful life


Your Investment in Learning INR 24,799 includes lifetime support update and Re-Take your class on demand

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