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Updated: Aug 14, 2022

It will probably take six months to a year of Trading and practicing every day, assuming you are one of the motivated learners, before you are consistent enough to generate consistent revenue from the market.

It was probably luck if you succeeded in the first few months.

Nothing is perfect with practice—only perfect practice results in improvement.

No matter how many hours you put in, you will still struggle if you practice the wrong or keep doing the same bad things.

Successful traders strive to improve their techniques. It fuels their motivation. When you have a strategy in place, try applying it precisely. Prioritize the process over the outcome.

Focus on the plan, and the results will take care of themselves since successful strategy execution brings about results.

Your trading income will probably stop at some point for whatever reason. If you continue trading, you will have to push through it.

It will probably take 6 to 12 months to acquire enough consistency to start seeing regular monthly profits, whether you design your methods or adopt those developed by others.

That is presuming you are diligently practicing for several hours each day. Many folks will need more time; a year is not excessive.

Make sure you are prepared financially and hold off on quitting your other jobs until your trading revenue is sufficient to support you.

Even then, choose to have several different sources of income.

Profits for a year or two are great, but that is only the beginning.

You WILL experience a significantly challenging period at some moment, possibly one, two, three, four, or five years after you start to become profitable.

Whatever the reason, something will have a negative impact on your Trading.

You could lose interest in Trading, have children, your strategy stops working, market conditions or regulations drastically change, get married, want to change careers, need a change, develop arrogance, etc.

You'll then need to go back to the beginning.

Your capital and monthly return influence the potential of your profitability to provide an income.

The good news is that even a modest account can develop very rapidly to generate an income if you're regularly profitable, just that a smaller account requires more time.

All of this is important only if you are one of the successful ones. Remember that very few person who attempt short-term Trading will consistently make money.

The two essential components that almost all unsuccessful traders lack are time and persistent practice.

You must have been trading consistently for several years and have dealt with ALL possible market circumstances and some internal difficulties.

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