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Updated: Aug 14, 2022

A professional trader does not own more trading screens, special tools, or superior indicators.

A trader's general attitude to Trading and day-to-day trading management characterize a professional trader.

A professional trader has a well-thought-out trading strategy and is entirely aware of his objectives and trading schedule.

Instead of switching between one stock to another, he waits patiently for the trade to present itself.

When there is nothing to do, he does not waste time by spending all day in front of his charts. The professional evaluates his prior performance in his trade journal when there is nothing to do to identify and determine the area of improvement.

The professional trader knows he cannot anticipate the future market direction and has not suddenly become a master trader overnight.

He understands a losing streak is typical and inevitable because of the nature of Trading.

A professional trader NEVER allows one losing trade to wipe away a substantial portion of his capital. They always adhere to their plan and risk and money management guidelines.

Winning or losing streaks don't matter to a professional trader. They will keep happening because they are inescapable.

A professional trader is aware that his trading approach will always result in profits over the long term. A professional trader adheres to his guidelines and maintains his composure.

Trading is a regular part of a trader's day job. A professional trader doesn't trade for the thrill of it or in the hopes of striking it rich with a few lucky trades. Trading is a difficult business; before becoming successful, a professional trader puts in a lot of time, effort, and hustle. Ultimately, Trading is just another job, like many others.

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