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Trading That Makes Six-Figure: 7 Secrets to Six-Figure Monthly Trading Career

Want to Learn the 7 key secrets to making Six-Figure Monthly?

Take our new quiz to find what’s holding you back from growth!

1. Join the One-on-One Workshop

2. Implement the Plan

3. Make Six-Figure Monthly

Trying to Make a Six-Figure Monthly Professional Trading Career Often Ends With Losing it all and remains a dream for most of the trader.

If you don't have a plan...

  • The Trading career progress Stalls or (worse) you lose money experimenting

  • You waste time chasing ideas that don't help you to grow

  • You guess instead of following a process

And that leads to frustration and feeling constantly overwhelmed. It should not be like this. Trading Made Simple university has given hundreds of traders a plan for growing their six-figure professional trading career. Our plan will work for you too.

Take our new quiz to find what’s holding you back from growth!

How Does Our Step-by-Step Trading Plan Work?
Your Six-Figure Monthly Income Trading Should Run Like an Airplane

There are six parts of your six-figure monthly trading that need to be optimized so it can fly far (grows) and fast 


Trader Mindset


You as a trader sit here. Grow your small account by aligning your trading priorities with key trading principles.


Position Sizing


Increase your profit by prioritizing (and balancing) position sizing and the risk it brings with higher leverage.

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Trading Strategy


Learn a trusted trading strategy so you make a profit.


Trading Activity


Run a lean daily trading routine by organizing your entire day trading at once a day at a specific time... every day

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Backup Strategy


Close more profitable trade by a second strategy to generate more thrust so that your small account grows fast.

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Trading Capital


Install a simple, money management technique that ensures you never run out of cash and you do not need to add money again and again.

When you optimize the six key parts of your trading, you’ll not only feel confident – you’ll actually enjoy your six-figure trading career.

Want to make a six-figure monthly trading income career?

Take our new quiz to find what’s holding you back from growth!

Your Plan for Growing Your small account trading


Join The Workshop, Its Unique

For INR 14,779, you get access to all our on-demand courses, Live Coaching events, and playbooks.


It has absolutely NOTHING to do with any 'traditional' trading system.


Implement the Plan, its Simple

​​​Our on-demand courses and Live Coaching events give you a plan you can easily implement to optimize the six key areas of your small account trading.


You only trade once a day at a specific time, every day...and you are done for the day.


Grow Your small account, its Powerful

With a plan that’s proven to work for growing any small business, you’ll be amazed at how your confidence skyrockets and that feeling of stress subsides.


Feel confident that you will safely grow your small trading account with an exact trading plan.

Adarsh Jain

“I’ve spent thousands on other trading courses and haven’t fully completed them. There’s way too much information. I’m excited as soon as I joined Master the art of small account trading workshop because it serves so much value at such a sweet price.”

Most Small Account Traders  Don’t Have a Plan They Feel Confident In

As a small account trader, you must be precise about every critical trading action. You’re supposed to be a trader with firm discipline, a profitable strategy, AND a stellar mindset. Oh don’t forget to check on position sizing, by the way. Also, should you start trading a new strategy? It’s exhausting to think about. The School of Small Account Trading exists to eliminate “small account trader stress” by giving you a simple plan you can follow to optimize your trading for profit while keeping your risk managed and optimum. We want to be the trusted partner you can count on when growing your small trading account. That’s why our six frameworks are easy to implement, proven to work, and only focus on the parts of your trading that you need to focus on. When you join the School of Small Account Trading, you’ll dive right into learning the six steps to piloting your trading airplane. You’ll quickly know which parts are working well and which parts are holding you back from flying far(grow) and take immediate action to fix that before it becomes catastrophic. From there, you’ll have a customized plan to help you learn and implement the frameworks that will take your small account trading to the next level. Imagine how good it will feel to be confident in your plan for trading mindset, strategy, a backup strategy, position sizing, lean daily trading routine, and managing your fuel (trading capital). No more guessing. No more overwhelm—just a lot of confidence in your plan to grow the small trading account.

Your Subscription
Gives You Access to:


1. Instant Access to Recorded Videos of Trader Mindset

Watch On-Demand, know your trading priority and develop the right essential mindset.

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2. Core Trading Strategy Equity & Option Market Intraday Strategy PDF (Clearly Defined Trading Rule) with Chart Example Case Study Video

Every professional trader trade with clearly written trading rules, and so do you.

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3. Backup Trading Strategy Equity & Option PDF (Clearly Defined Trading Rule) with Chart Example Case Study Video

A 2nd trading strategy clearly written trading plan


4. Position Sizing Playbook

Help you to align your position sizing for each trade


5. Daily Trading Routine Journal Workbook

Help you to eliminate execution errors and reflect on your progress.

Oil Tank.png

6. Money Management Excel Template

Exactly everything you need to learn so that you always stay above a saftey net

After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To

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Frequently Asked Questions

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