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How to Deal With the Unexpected event

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Often in life, the winds of change blow on us all in an unceasing flow that we never expect and affects every aspect of our existence.

Bringing about change is one thing. It's another thing entirely to be confronted with change when you least expect it.

We've all felt the shifting winds of change force our life to sail to a new territory of life.

Yet, some of us make it sail the lifeboat to our destination, despite unexpected events forcing us to change our life course.

Only after the unexpected things hit us does the way we choose to align our lives determine our quality of life.

The way each of us thinks makes a significant impact on where we end up.

Unexpected events occur to all of us.

We face difficulties and disappointments. We've all experienced setbacks when everything appears to go apart despite our best efforts and preparations.

The obstacles that we face hitting by unexpected may lead to financial disaster and psychological anguish.

Yet, in the end, it is what we choose to do when we learn that the wind has changed directions that decides the quality of our life.

We must adjust as things change.

We need to get back on our feet and reset our life to lead us toward the destination of our choice.

The way we think and react to situations has a significantly more impact on our lives than the unexpected event we confront.

The way we respond to hardship, both promptly and ethically, is a considerably more impactful event than the difficulty itself.

We shall ultimately learn that the main difficulty of life is to manage the process of our thoughts after we have faced the unexpected.

Learning to adjust the sail with the shifting winds rather than allowing oneself to be blown in a direction we did not pick necessitates the development of a whole new discipline.

It entails developing a compelling, personal philosophy that will positively affect everything you do, think, and decide.

If you succeed, it will have a beneficial impact on your life, no matter what happens to you.

It is something in your life where you reset your course after the event happens.

Trading, however, is different.

It would help if you had a pre-plan to minimize your exposure to uncertainty.

You never try to put yourself in an unplanned activity, and you must have a pre-plan for any contingency.

Learning to adjust the sail with the shifting winds rather than allowing oneself to be blown in a direction we did not pick is not hard.

By responding to hardship, both promptly and ethically and with changing perspective, you can stay on your intended life journey despite hitting with any setback.

That is not true in trading. You must have a contingency plan and limit your exposure to uncharted territory to ensure a catastrophic event doesn't affect you.

Even if it hits, the damage must be minimal.


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