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Replacing Conclusion with Curiosity is the Cure of Impulsiveness


You slang the person who pushes you from behind to make a room to cut through the busy corridor.

You instantly conclude the person's actions are inhuman, and the person is probably not learned well how to behave.

Too often, conclude too early about a person or situation without considering that our brain is biased by our ego and perception based on life experience when it operates in the blind spot, leading us to incorrect judgment.

A blind spot is where all the information is not known to you, and you have to decide on incomplete data ( like stock market trading, answering the multiple-choice question when you don't know the correct answer)

What if the person is carrying an emergency drug for a patient lying in a hospital bed?

What if the person is rushing to the hospital where his wife struggling with her life, and he gets a phone call from the hospital authority?

Many more of these questions are likely to be possible if you ask the question.

If so, then should it not be a better choice not to conclude and come to a judgment about any person or situation based on the instant information they are providing ( pushing you from the back) unless we are curious about them?


A trader often jumps into the trade without being more curious about the prospect of the opportunity because it offers an instant move that leads you to conclude it is a good bet.


Avoiding impulsiveness helps.

Instead, concluding that it is an excellent purchase if you are curious about the product, preventing you from making impulsive buying habits.

Similar is valid for life; not judging a person without being curious about him will lead you to become more empathic.

Placing your buying order, seeing a piece of good news flashing on screen without being curious about the report will lead you to make yet another bad investment.

Replace conclusion with curiosity.


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