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Should we hear our inner voice in critical decisions making? The Gut feeling.


You could be aware of the feeling. You may have an ineffable feeling about whether something is right or inappropriate - without being able to express the grounds for your judgment.

Whether you're searching for a new residence, pondering a future new career, or assessing someone's honesty.

Psychologists and neuroscientists have made significant progress in pinpointing the roots of our gut instincts and their critical significance in our lives during the last two decades.

They discovered the scenarios in which our intuition is most likely to take us in the correct direction - information that might help us all make better judgments.

When we are processing a large amount of detailed information that is difficult to recall accurately, the power of intuitive decision-making may be extremely crucial.

We may profit from allowing our brains to stray to another - unrelated activity – while the unconscious brain analyses the facts and chooses us in these situations.

The strength of a person's gut instincts may be influenced by their emotional intelligence (EI).

We may also boost our intuitive decision-making by studying to increase our EI.

Fortunately, EI is something that can be learned.

If you want to fine-tune your intuition, start by getting in touch with your emotions more broadly – carefully probing what you're experiencing and where it's coming from.

With practice, you may be able to tell whether you're getting a true and accurate signal.

Your gut instincts will never be 100% correct, but they may become a valuable guide with effort.


In trading, we operate in a state of the blind spot. Almost everything is unknown to us, and we know very little.

Over several years of practice in trading, your intuition will start guiding you at some point.

And believing your intuition at the experience level is an integral part of your trading decisions.


Beyond reasoning or learned judgments, intuition gives us a "gut" reaction — an inner voice – that reveals who we are and what information we have obtained. If we pay attention, we can benefit from the creativity it provides and the sense of confidence it instills.


Most traders struggle to depend on trading income.

  1. They find it hard to continue trading after a few days.

  2. It seems like something starts going wrong as soon as they start trading with real money.

  3. They eventually lost too much money too fast owing to inconsistency and lack of a trading strategy plan, and they lost their hope of trading success.

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