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Stop agonizing over unchosen possibilities is the key to life & trading success.

Updated: Apr 19, 2022


Many excellent chances are wasted in the pursuit of a better one.

Would you have had a better career if you had chosen that other job or relocated to a different city? Possibly. However, if you do not commit to performing it to the best of your abilities, your real career will suffer.

Would a different relationship make you 10% happier? Maybe. Perhaps not. But if you spend all day daydreaming about what else is out there, you'll be miserable in the one you have.

Agonizing over unchosen possibilities and failing to make the most of the one you choose is a definite way to wind up worse off. Every minute you spend wishing for your unlived life is a minute you won't be able to invest in the one you do have.

Your choices are important, but so is your degree of commitment.


Instead of focusing on execution at its best, most traders keep looking for something else, the strategy they have already tested and chosen. Hoping the system not chosen will deliver the best result. Maybe. Maybe not.

However, as a trader, if the focus is not to make the execution with zero human error, you will not do it best with the one you have.

Looking for a further scope of how you can make the trading strategy better leads to over-optimization.

Over-optimization is a theoretical truth; it never gives better results in real-time trading.


Agonizing over unchosen possibilities and failing to make the most of the one you choose is a definite way to wind up worse off.


Most traders struggle to depend on trading income.

  1. They find it hard to continue trading after a few days.

  2. It seems like something starts going wrong as soon as they start trading with real money.

  3. They eventually lost too much money too fast owing to inconsistency and lack of a trading strategy plan, and they lost their hope of trading success.

We are pioneers in teaching traders a Time-Base-Trading Strategy that generates trade at a predefined time. Instead of tracking the market all the time, you know precisely when to check the market with an action plan. It reduces stress, and trading in the process becomes effortless.

Our most appreciated trading strategies are:

A. Banknifty 12 Noon Trend Following Trading Strategy

B. Wednesday 2:45 Banknifty Option Writing Strategy

C. Nifty Power Lantern and Bankniftradingpro 9:30 AM Strategy

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