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Three immediate steps to take your wounds and turn them into wisdom


You're going to discover how to use challenging situations to your advantage. You're going to learn how to seek perspective.

You will learn to embrace healing, which means taking whatever brings you pain and allowing it to lead you into your actual strength.

As a result, I'm confident that this reading will be insightful in philosophy and insights and practical skills that will enable you to do remarkable things in your life.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, and let's begin with the first one.

Gain Perspective

The first step in overcoming adversity is to gain perspective.

I'd want to ask you a question.

Do you ever think, "How could this be much worse?"

While you're going through a difficult time, ask yourself, Is this a life-or-death scenario? No? Then there's only one way to look at it.

So the first suggestion I'd want you to make is to seek perspective.

Perspective, What could be worse?

What are the blessings in my life?

What's so great about this situation?

What do I have to be thankful for?

Having a good perspective is crucial when going through a difficult period.

Here's a point of view that I'd want you to consider.

My deepest wish for you is that you have many more years of life than an average person lives on this earth.

Yet, we all have a time limit on our lives.

No one has an indefinite lifespan.

In this way, you live...or put it another way; you live your days and experiences and chances and opportunities from a different perspective than most others.

You don't have to spend as much time thinking about your misery as putting off your greatness when you will not live forever.

Therefore the right choice for you is to pursue your brilliance, live your best life, and provide sincere love to all those who deserve it and even those who don't.

All the Hero suffers; the power of suffering.

Use everything that occurs to you, both painful and wonderful, to strengthen you and expose you to the primordial Hero that lies at the center of every human being.

You will go through some challenging times in your life, times when you will be down on your knees, times when you will be so confused,

your life will have sad moments, and one of the things that helped you navigate your turbulent and painful seasons of life is the power of suffering.

You could ask, "How can I utilize this to grow?"

How can I utilize this to rip the veil off my ego and become more creative, productive, loving, of service, on fire, and a history maker for humanity in my unique way?

If you look at the world's best individuals, the genuine leaders, the trustworthy history makers, the faithful servants of humanity, the most incredible company builders, the great leader, and achievers,

They all had one thing in common: they suffered much more than the average person.

If you look at the source of the term passion, you will see that it means to suffer.

To suffer is the source of the word passion.

The great ones suffer as a result of their art. They suffer as a result of their task.

They suffer as a result of their objectives and as a result of their service.

Feel the suffering; remember, brilliance is the barrier.

We are dissatisfied and grieved.

We're rejected, and that's part of building a career, a company, and a life.

And society urges, "Avoid the suffering. You are not weak."

However, when it comes to psychology and emotions, the best route out is fitting in.

That's the cleansing heart power.

So, the third technique to cope with a difficult situation is to start experiencing your suffering.

All feelings have a beginning, middle, and finish.

The pain, disillusionment, and self-loathing would vanish, cleanse, and heal if you could experience it.

Because if you don't eliminate lower energy sensations, you put up a subconscious, deep-seated pain.

All the buried wrath, anguish, rejection, and disappointment.

You don't see it, yet this subconscious wounded influences your creativity, vitality, productivity, boldness, and sincerity.

We all have a natural hero inside us.

We are made to burn.

We're created to be geniuses and lovers.

This is one of our time's treasures because we experience these unpleasant feelings.

Don't apply your intelligence to give it a shape; instead, feel it as it is.

Remember, our brilliance is the barrier.


We've all had awful trading times.

Maybe you've already had one, wondering, "Is this true for me?"

"Is it a system or simply luck?"

"What if I lack skill?"

These are only a few questions.

It's merely your mind protecting you from pain.

But these are momentous occasions.

You failed if you choose to stop now.

That's correct, and you only fail when you stop.

Yes, keep your expectations reasonable.

Always trade with a strategy; you must use money and risk management methods.

There will be bad days and times, sometimes longer than you ever thought.

It will feel like the end of your trading life.

Yet, it is just a test.

It's merely a chance to improve as a trader.


So you put it in the fire to cleanse it. It burns away everything except gold.


Most traders struggle to depend on trading income.

  1. They find it hard to continue trading after a few days.

  2. It seems like something starts going wrong as soon as they start trading with real money.

  3. They eventually lost too much money too fast owing to inconsistency and lack of a trading strategy plan, and they lost their hope of trading success.

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